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SHILOH FARMS NEWSLETTER: Get all the latest Shiloh Farms "EquestriaNews" here!

Arena Rules
Please review the following rules for riding in the arena. Most of all, please be considerate of your fellow horsemen; everyone is here to enjoy their time with their horse.
~pass left shoulder to left shoulder
~please call all intentions, circle, rail, diagonal, quarter line, center, etc
~please do not ride side by side
~call out door when entering and leaving arena
~when on foot, avoid the rail and quickly make your way to the viewing area through the center of the arena
~do not idle either on foot or on your horse in the arena, it obstructs traffic flow
~if you use any equiptment, poles or pylons, please return them to the where you got them from
~any questions or clarifications feel free to ask Marianne, Debbie, or a trainer

Liability Waivers

Please remember to have all of your guests sign a Shiloh Farms liability waiver. They are located in the office in the top file. Thank You.

All riders are welcome in the arena during lesson times.

Jumps will be broken down promptly.

The poles are there for all to use. Please be courteous and pick up all of the equipment that you have used before you leave the arena.

There is absolutely no lunging allowed in the arena while horses are jumping.

This schedule only refers to when jumps will be set. Lessons are given through out the day.

The wind is blowing nonstop, so mark your blankets with you or your horses name, so we can return them to their rightful owners.

Please make sure gates are securely latched. You are responsible for the safety of your horses well-being and the other horses in the shared living space. Please take the time and make sure the gate or stall is locked securely.

Welcome new boarders and their horses.! it is great to have you join our family at our wonderful horse boarding facility.

 Indoor Arena Riding Schedule
Monday: jumps set from 8:45-11:00 and 3:45-7:00pm
Tuesday: no jumps set
Wednesday: jumps set from 8:45-11:00am
Thursday: jumps set from 8:45-11:00am and 3:45-7:00pm
Friday: jumps set from 8:45-10:30am
Saturday: A full course will be set from 8:00-12:30pm.

    Anyone interested in receiving the newsletter via email, please send an email to with Shiloh farms newsletter on the subject line.

Well behaved dogs are welcome at Shiloh Farms, but must be on a leash at all times. It is greatly appreciated if you pick up and dispose of any presents left behind.



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